Must have - The jacket dress

The jacket dress is one of the sexiest items launched in recent years and that Bluzat recommends for this beginning of autumn.

It is a versatile piece, easy to wear, perfectly highlights a beautiful silhouette and seems to promise to never go out of trend.

Even though it may seem masculine, the jacket dress is sexy and feminine.

You can wear it as such or open, as a blazer over another casual office outfit.


The jacket dress appeared in the world of women's fashion, inspired by classic details of men's jackets.

A jacket dress is a statement piece without the need for other extravagant accessories.

If you can wear it with stilettos or long boots, your outfit will be taken out of anonymity immediately.

You can highlight your waist with a shiny strap, which will attract attention in this area.

If you are hesitant to wear it as such, you can wear it as a blazer, along with pants and a top.

In fashion you have absolute freedom, and the variants are endless.

Another option would be to wear it with shorts or a fur dress, especially if the jacket dress has a pronounced split.


We recommend the jacket dress for an office look, classic but at the same time inspired and modern.

Avoid strong accessorization if you opt for the jacket dress model from Bluzat.

Also, being a versatile piece, you can wear the jacket dress in an evening outfit.

If you haven't thought about this combination before, find out that the jacket dress also matches the lace, and the result is an elegant and sexy outfit.

If you are a fan of provocative outfits, you can also wear the jacket dress in the mini version.


If you still don't dare to wear the jacket dress as such, you can try the blazer version for a cool outfit.

If you want to be cool and ready for any event, skinny jeans, a short top, a jacket dress and sneakers will get you out of the deadlock.

Strategically positioned oversized buttons make the jacket dress a suitable one even for women who have shapes. They can create a thinning effect, provided you do not overdo it with accessories.

We advise you to opt for light-colored shoes, it is preferable to draw attention to the lower part of the body.

You can find on the Bluzat website the models of jacket type dresses that define you and shape your femininity! ==>

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