We are a Romanian design brand, with a strong urban identity, developed from the desire of Ruxandra Antochi to propose collections designed especially for the contemporary lifestyle to today's women.

We work on Romanian creativity and believe in the importance of supporting local projects. “Made in Romania” fashion thus has the chance to show its true value, and we, the designers, together with the women who love the beautiful, help to develop success stories in Romania.

We are inspired by the challenges that a woman faces today, by the need to express her identity in a professional context and we try to personalize and translate the big trends in wearable and accessible outfits. We consider comfort as important as creativity and we take into account the fact that our ideas will dress real women, with different preferences and silhouettes. We think of each piece as an element of expression of personal style and we see it integrated in a practical, feminine wardrobe, which is adapted to all wearing occasions..

Because we put the way a woman feels when wearing a BLUZAT creation first, we invest in very good quality materials, we work each piece very carefully and we allocate important resources to the execution process. The passion with which we choose the materials and draw the sketch is also found in the execution of each piece. Recognizable and assumed, the style of the BLUZAT collections is a bold one, in which we play with asymmetries and oversized details to obtain outfits that highlight the silhouette and allow each woman to express her personality. We love interesting textures and we also know the power of an all-black look or the refinement of pastel tones. Minimalist cuts meet romantic details, and simplicity with super-volumes, in collections that we want to see in the streets of big cities.

We think "capsule" collections, addressed to the different wearing occasions, to complement the women's clothing universe with sophisticated and up-to-date options.

We would like to grow a real community of BLUZAT women, where each of them can find her style and voice, in order to express herself best. Designer Ruxandra Antochi manages to take over every style desire and turn it into affordable, wearable outfits that you fall in love with every season.