We create quality fashion in Romania for women with an urban spirit and personal style.

Each Bluzat collection aims to offer Romanian women creative, personalized and quality options for office and leisure outfits. Our team works with great care the pieces made of premium natural materials and we are constantly thinking of cuts and shapes that combine the comfort of wearing with the rigor of an impeccable career style. The special moments when every woman wants to shine play an important role in the blouse creation process. We combine precious textures with comfortable materials and complex details to create a memorable and original style.


We dream of a world where every woman is free to express her personality through style.

For us, fashion is a passion, a business and a way to make the world more beautiful and happier. We believe that through fashion and the way we choose to look, we send a message about ourselves, and our goal is to help every woman who chooses to buy a Made in Romania design brand to enjoy a more beautiful life. We imagine a world in which comfort, femininity and originality are the criteria that underlie the style choices made every day.


Creativity, Quality, Community

Bluzat's philosophy 


We are a small team that aims to create quality fashion for real women.


Every member of the Bluzat team is important and we work every day to be better even in times of uncertainty and major changes. We are constantly learning new skills and challenging each other to become better at what we do.


We select and use only the best fabrics for our collections. Natural or technological materials are used to give increased comfort and long-term durability for each piece bearing the Bluzat label.


We are interested in the ecological impact of our work and we invest in the most environmentally friendly options for each part of the production process.

Accessories & Details

We select only high quality accessories and prefer to work with top manufacturers for details that can influence your wearing experience, such as zippers, buttons and materials.

Cuts & Colors

We develop cuts and combine colors taking into account the long-term relevance of the style for our clients. The classic design is reinterpreted in a modern and creative style.


We offer everyday, accessible and comfortable pieces, with special collection creations, which are more complex in execution and are made of precious fabrics.

Your opinion

We constantly ask for feedback from women who wear Bluzat and we include it in our new model proposals, for us the most important thing is to offer a perfect wearing experience for every woman who chooses us.

Quality control

We carefully inspect each product to ensure its quality, all details and finishes are checked to give you a premium fashion experience.


We know how much joy a pleasant unboxing experience can bring to someone, that's why we invest in premium packaging and put a lot of attention and love in every order we send to the world.