Resort 21 collection's inspo

Sea, sand, midnight walks and metropolitan lifestyle, this is where the inspiration for the Resort 21 collection came from. Besides cuts and trimmings, history and silhouettes, the collection gets to be inspired by lifestyle, by topicality and the millennial generation.

Inspired by everyday' s contemporary lifestyle, the collection targets three moods:

The first mood 'Summer frills' obviously inspired by frills and ruffles, has a youthful vibe and historical mark. There have been several periods when these little frills were so popular in particular... Those who loved to adorn their outfits with ruffles, frills and flounces were not only women... There were soldiers and courtiers who, at some stages, stood out with spectacular ruffles or tiny frills that flickered in their luxurious costumes. Looking back into history, we will conclude that today's widely used ruffle have an ancient and interesting history. Therefore, with an historical touch, the 'Summer frills' mood presents fresh designs , glam and comfy, imagined for parties and small events.

The second mood is called 'The island girl' and here there has been developed a series of kaftans and kimonos, all dedicated for warm beach days and pool parties. We strongly believe that beachwear should not be boring at all and is not enough to resume an entire look to a pair of bikinis, therefore the kimonos and kaftans were designed as beautiful elegant gowns inspired by antique Greek, Egyptian and African cuts , mainly made in transparent veil in order to offer the slinky see through effect.A symbol of exoticism and a bohemian lifestyle, over the years “kaftan” has become the catchall term in fashion for any kind of loose-fitting robe or tunic—often used to describe a number of different garments of Middle Eastern and North African origination. A true kaftan is a narrow cut, long robe with full sleeves, either with a deep open neck or fully open to the floor, and sometimes buttoned; the very voluminous garment without defined sleeves that is often called a kaftan is in fact closer to the abaya. Kaftan is a Persian word, while the garment style is believed to have originated in Ancient Mesopotamia.In addition to these beautiful enchanting items, there are three types of versatile swimsuits, made to harmoniously complete the summer look.

'Wanna be business, wanna be chic...' is the third mood, where all the items were imagined, created and dedicated to the business ladies which are dealing with rush, projects and challenges everyday. All the products are comfortable, made in soft and fresh fabrics with complex cuts. The developed tailorings are well thought aiming to enhance the beauty of the body and to take out of the ordinary every woman's look...

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