How to wear ruffles

Ruffles, flounces and frills - all this apparent stuff on our dresses, blouses, skirts and shirts historically have been an important element of costume decoration. There have been several periods when these little frills were so popular in particular...

Those who loved to adorn their outfits with ruffles, frills and flounces were not only women... There were soldiers and courtiers who, at some stages, stood out with spectacular ruffles or tiny frills that flickered in their luxurious costumes.
Looking back into history, we will conclude that today's widely used ruffle have an ancient and interesting history.

Ruffles are the pickles of clothing — you either love them or can't stand them. There is no casual acceptance of ruffles; people do not feel lukewarm about them, thinking they neither add to nor detract from an outfit. But despite this polarization, ruffles are everywhere, adorning many off-the-shoulder necklines; covering hemlines, sleeves, and even pant legs.

Ruffles are romantic, but not in a carefree way; ruffles equate love with epic poems and sobbing outside fire escapes. Ruffles are summery in the same way that your one friend who texts you to go to the beach every Saturday morning is summery .

Ruffles have turned our sidewalks into a milkmaid convention, our bars into Blackbeard's shanty, and our store racks into sea anemones made of cotton poplin.

But the question is... How to wear ruffles?

1. Wear horizontal ruffles across your chest to make your bust seem larger. If you have a small bust, wearing a horizontal ruffle that runs along your chest will help add volume. This will make you look curvier, helping to balance out your frame.
2.Opt for vertical ruffles on your chest if you have a large bust. If you have a large chest, horizontal ruffles can make it look bigger. If you’d like to minimize the area, look for a top that has a ruffle running down the center. This will create a lengthening illusion, making your top half look leaner


3. Wear a ruffled skirt to make your hips look wider. If you have narrow hips and you’d like them to look bigger, ruffles are a great way to add volume. One of the simplest ways is to find a skirt or a dress with ruffles along the hips. You can also look for a shirt with ruffles along the bottom hem.

4. Keep the rest of your outfit and your accessories simple. Ruffles are basically the equivalent of having an accessory on your clothing, and they can overwhelm your frame if you don’t pay attention to your styling. Stick to a sleek silhouette in the rest of your outfit, and try to keep your jewelry and other accessories minimal, just as you would when you’re wearing an eye-catching statement necklace.

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